EcoRanger X ScrapCap

EcoRanger X ScrapCap
(Collaboration Between Greeneration Foundation & ShoutCap)

ShoutCap as a brand that is part of a hat-making workshop is aware of the production process, workshops often have a material surplus such as unused raw materials, which if not utilized will become waste. In this regard, ShoutCap created the LESS WASTE program by utilizing the surplus material (scrap) to reduce waste generated from the production process, by releasing a product line called SCRAPCAP.
As the name implies, SCRAPCAP is produced from a surplus of materials that can still be processed, from the main ingredients (fabrics) to complementary raw materials (accessories). The goal is to produce as little raw material as possible to waste. Because SCRAPCAP uses almost 95% of the surplus material, the hat model is designed according to the character of the material and the quantity is limited (limited edition). As a brand that is learning to care for the environment, ShoutCap collaborated with the Greeneration Foundation to support one of the ongoing EcoRanger program activities in Banyuwangi, namely WEEKLY BEACH CLEAN UP, by donating 20% ​​of SCRAPCAP sales to help with the operation of this activity. EcoRanger Banyuwangi is one of the main programs of the Greeneration Foundation, which is located on Pulau Merah. 15 EcoRangers are trained and nurtured to become a cool team of environmental stewards to create a clean and sustainable Pulau Merah.

Every ScrapCap Purchase, You Have Been Helping EcoRanger Banyuwangi Run Weekly
Clean Up & Waste Management at SEKOLA (Waste Management Center)

To realize the big ideals of sustainable tourism. Weekly Clean Up activities are routinely held by EcoRanger in Banyuwangi every week. Besides, to maintain the cleanliness of the Pulau Merah Area, this activity is also a direct medium to invite the public and visitors to the Pulau Merah to increase their sense of responsibility to keep the tourism sites clean. It does not stop there, EcoRanger in Banyuwangi is currently developing SEKOLA (Sentra Kelola Sampah) as the main location for waste management from Weekly Clean Up results. Therefore, the collected waste is not just thrown into final disposal, but there is a management process that is carried out. Starting from sorting according to the type of waste category, recycling the waste, and composting organic waste. Let's support EcoRanger in Banyuwangi in carrying out its duties. Every SCRAPCAP purchase that you make has contributed to the realization of the sustainable waste management efforts held by EcoRanger in Banyuwangi.

About the Greeneration Foundation

The Greeneration Foundation (GF) is a non-profit organization, which works on sustainable issues and focuses on leveraging adaptive creative media to change human behavior to increase Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Greeneration Foundation was founded in Bandung, West Java. We strengthen our activities by engaging collaborations with governments, organizations, and communities that focus on the environment, as well as connecting a wider community ranging from individuals, children, housewives to professionals.

About ShoutCap

ShoutCap is a brand that was born in 2013 from a hat-making workshop that has been established since 2006. Before ShoutCap was born, the workshop had been working on hat orders from various brands, events, and companies from local to international scale to date. ShoutCap was born as a brand with the concept of PERSONALIZED MEDIA, a hat that can be used as a personal medium to express oneself and convey messages to its owner. Both in the form of text and images. We call it WEARABLE MEDIA. Until now, both ShoutCap and workshops are still running overtime. Through SCRAPCAP, hopefully, ShoutCap can consistently participate in efforts to manage waste and reduce waste, especially industrial waste in Indonesia.

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