Quick Count of Waste at the Banyuwangi Pulau Merah Landfill

To coincide with the commemoration of Earth Day on April 22, 38 residents of Pancer Hamlet inhabitants, Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Banyuwangi, together with the EcoRanger team, worked to organize and carry out a quick count of garbage piles that had been piling up in the Pulau Merah Landfill.


EcoRanger is a program initiated by the Greeneration Foundation which also focuses on community-based waste management in tourism destinations, in Pancer Hamlet which has 3 (three) developing coastal tourism, namely Pulau Merah Beach, Mustika Beach, and Wedi Ireng Beach.


From the waste removal activity, at least 13,125 m3 of waste or around 2,187.5 tonnes of waste was successfully transported in a day from Pulau Merah landfill to Banyuwangi landfill.


This activity is carried out to invite residents to see the reality and to reflect on the condition of waste in the landfill if the waste is only piled up and left without proper management. From this activity, hopefully, residents will be inspired to sort the waste at its sources, such as each house and business place.

Moreover, EcoRanger was also preparing a solution, namely the Waste Management Center (SEKOLA EcoRanger, Sumberagung Village), which was currently under construction.

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