Greeneration Foundation and Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia through EcoRanger Collaborate to Solve Waste Problems in Tourist Destinations

Jakarta, January 21st 2021 - Greeneration Foundation together with Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia today (21/01/2021) conveyed the achievements of the Banyuwangi EcoRanger program. EcoRanger Banyuwangi is a program initiated by the Greeneration Foundation and in collaboration with the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI). This program is a pilot project from EcoRanger Indonesia, which is the implementation of a waste management system in tourism destinations that has been implemented since November 2018 on Pulau Merah Beach, Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

The program's achievements have touched on at least 5 aspects the formation of the EcoRanger team organizational structure in the Banyuwangi area, local community participation, funding through the implementation of social entrepreneurship, regulations (local government assistance in the preparation of Sumberagung Village regulation Number 08 of 2019 concerning Management of Household Waste and Waste Similar Types of Garbage) Household), and operations (establishment of the Waste Management Sector (SEKOLA) as solid waste infrastructure and integrated waste management facilities).

The EcoRanger program is in line with The Coca-Cola Company's global vision of “World Without Waste” as a company sustainability effort to become part of the solution to the world's natural environmental challenges while building a circular economic ecosystem. The Chief Executive of the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, Triyono Prijosoesilo, said "Through the EcoRanger program, Coca-Cola together with the Greeneration Foundation supports the implementation of sustainable tourism practices in Indonesia by providing Community-Based Implementation (CBI) services. We are very pleased that this program has succeeded in encouraging the people of Sumberagung Village to participate in the preservation of tourist areas by improving sustainable and community-based waste management."

One of the achievements of the Banyuwangi EcoRanger program in the operational aspect is the establishment of the Waste Management Center (SEKOLA) which is an integrated waste management facility in Sumberagung Village. Currently, SEKOLA is built non-permanently on 250 m2 of land owned by Perhutani KPH Banyuwangi Selatan. In the future, it is hoped that SEKOLA can become the forerunner to the construction of TPS3R (Waste Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Management Sites) in this village.

In addition to establishing SEKOLA, EcoRanger Banyuwangi also strives to maintain the sustainability of Tourism Destinations through beach cleanup activities on Pulau Merah Beach in Banyuwangi which is known as one of the most visited tourism icons in East Java. The beach also houses an Ijen National Geopark geological site.

EcoRanger cares about the preservation of the Red Island Beach tourism destination because around 4 thousand kilograms of waste are generated from tourism activities every month. This garbage eventually piles up and disturbs the tourists' comfort. As a result, dirty tourism destinations give a bad image to the manager and local government. To deal with the problem of waste in tourism destinations, collaboration and real action are needed to prevent, control and handle the waste.

"Through the support of the community and local government, now EcoRanger has been able to provide many benefits in waste management in tourism destinations. One of them is organizing beach cleaning activities once a week. These activities are usually followed by domestic and foreign tourists who are visiting the coast of Pulau Merah. " Said the Co-Founder of Greeneration Indonesia, Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano.

The collected waste is then sorted together and distributed to SEKOLA where then, the waste is processed according to its type. Waste that has arrived at SEKOLA, is sorted in detail and then divided into 3 types, namely Inorganic (recyclable), Organic and Residue. Not only sorting, SEKOLA also produces several products from waste processing, namely compost, which is processed from organic waste, and coconut husk pots.

Figure 2. Processed waste products at tourism destinations in the form of organic compost created by the EcoRanger team in Banyuwangi (Greeneration Foundation documentation)

"In addition to processing some of the collected waste ourselves, we distribute inorganic waste to the Garbage Bank and send the residual waste to the final waste disposal site. Until the end of 2020, SEKOLA which was built jointly by the Greeneration Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia has been able to manage more than 190 tons of waste per year. " Junerosano continued.

Figure 3. Processed waste products at tourism destinations in the form of coconut husk pots created by the EcoRanger team in Banyuwangi (Greeneration Foundation documentation)

Through the discussion and Sharing Learning from the EcoRanger Waste Management Program at Tourism Destinations which was conducted online today (21/01/2021), it aims to share about waste management practices in Banyuwangi, East Java. As non-profit organizations, the Greeneration Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia continue to be committed to guard the issue of solid waste in tourism destinations. This initiative is in line with and supports the government's agenda in realizing sustainable tourism in Indonesia.

"Learning from the EcoRanger program, we have seen that collaboration is one of the keys to realize better waste management. We, as initiators of the EcoRanger program, also invite other companies to continue our efforts, together with the Greeneration Foundation to collaborate in creating a waste-free tourism destination. " closed Triyono.


For further information, please contact:
Fauziah Syafarina Nasution,

Communications Manager Coca-Cola Indonesia
Email: Mobile: 0811-981-343

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