Multi-stakeholder Collaboration Invites BCA Digital Stakeholders To Become Environmental Fighters

Friday, August 20, 2021 – The waste crisis in Indonesia is still unresolved. Indonesia is the second-largest contributor to food waste and marine plastic waste in the world. Domestically, various waste disposal facilities are threatened by overload in 2021. Every year, Indonesia produces 6.8 million tons of plastic waste, and 9% of it or around 620 thousand tons goes into rivers, lakes, and seas. Realizing this urgency, blu by BCA Digital collaborated with Kitabisa and the EcoRanger program from the Greeneration Foundation to hold a virtual #blubuatbaik Sharing Session on August 20, 2021. Want to know how interesting the discussion is? Let’s find out together!

(Photo 1. Duardi Prihandiko/Greeneration Foundation Documentation)

#blubuatbaik Mission to save Indonesia

from The Waste Crisis #blubuatbaik is a campaign launched by blu in 2021 and is a part of BCA Digital’s long-term corporate sustainability initiative. By the theme “Becoming a Warrior for the Environment and the Earth”, this sharing session is intended for BCA Digital employees. Through this activity, the entire BCA Digital team is expected to be able to learn about the ins and outs of the problem of plastic waste pollution that threatens natural ecosystems while practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle and paying more attention to sustainability.

#blubuatbaik As BCA Digital’s Strategy In Collaboration With Greeneration Foundation and KITABISA

Began the sharing session, Duardi Prihandiko as Head of Marketing Communication of BCA Digital said, “blu has a mission to be presented as an impact-oriented technology. Since the beginning, we are committed to ensuring that the presence of blu has a positive impact that ensures the earth’s sustainability, which is our home. We understand that we cannot do this by ourselves, therefore we collaborate with partners who share the same passion and vision, such as the Greeneration Foundation and KITABISA.” “Through the #blubuatbaik campaign, blu invites BCA Digital customers and all their friends to take part in protecting our environment from the threat of plastic waste. We wished by the end of 2021, we can reduce residual waste to 30,000 kilograms, increase the percentage of recycled organic and inorganic waste to 198,800 kilograms, and reduce carbon emissions to 303,000 metric kilograms of carbon dioxide,” added Duardi. BCA Digital will donate IDR 1,000 from CSI (Corporate Sustainability Initiative) funds on behalf of every new customer who successfully registers a blu account throughout 2021, on the KITABISA platform. The results of the fundraising will be optimized by the Greeneration Foundation through the EcoRanger Program in implementing responsible waste management in Banyuwangi.

Become a Waste Fighter With #blubuatbaik

Some of the issues discussed in this sharing session were solutions that each individual could apply to overcome the problem of plastic waste and become a fighter to protect the earth and the environment. Furthermore, examples of collaborative actions taken by EcoRanger in Banyuwangi to improve waste segregation from the source along with community assistance, provision of waste management facilities, education, and multi-stakeholder collaboration are also presented.

Facts about Waste Problems In Indonesia

Through the presentation, Siti Muyasaroh as the Site Coordinator of EcoRanger Banyuwangi said that “The waste problem is an urgency that must be solved immediately. Thus far, Indonesia has even become the 2nd country with the most extinguish waste disaster in the world. 90% of plastic waste in Indonesia is not recycled. Everyone has the same responsibility to solve this problem.”

The Impact of the Waste Crisis In Indonesia

Based on the facts presented by Siti Muyasaroh regarding the waste problem that Indonesian people face, it cannot be ignored. The real impact of this problem is occurred by the increase in environmental pollution and climate change. Therefore, she invited everyone to start small transformation steps by implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle. Avoid the use of single-use plastics, sort waste from home, and recycle waste.

#blubuatbaik Support For EcoRanger In Managing Waste In Banyuwangi

The #blubuatbaik campaign which supports EcoRanger waste management activities in Banyuwangi also supports the community’s eco-friendly lifestyle by solving waste problems from the source. Siti Muyasaroh hopes that this program will be a joint step in realizing the ideals of a waste-free Indonesia in 2025.

More Than Only Knowledge Sharing, Participants Took Part In The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Challenge

Since studying the theory of waste problems was not enough, through interactive seminars, participants also applied the learning results in their daily lives by participating in the 5 Days Challenge. In this challenge, participants were challenged to apply an eco-friendly lifestyle related to the reduction and management of plastic waste. Participants were asked to capture and share the stories behind the challenges posted on their respective Instagram account. The three participants with the most interesting stories received special appreciation.

(Photo 2. Greeneration Foundation Discussion/Documentation Session)

Certainly, further actions will be carried out in the future, therefore the Greeneration Foundation through the EcoRanger program with blu by BCA Digital and Kitabisa can achieve success in increasing waste separation from sources for a better earth. Appreciation From Kitabisa “We appreciate the good initiative from BCA Digital through the #blubuatbaik program in a step to save the environment. We hope that the cooperation between BCA Digital customers, BCA Digital employees, and other good people can make people aware of the importance of protecting our earth through small actions that can be apllied every day,” said Marisa Thara Wardhani, Head of Brand Partnership Kitabisa.

Apesiasi Dari Kitabisa

“Kitabisa sangat mengapresiasi inisiatif baik dari BCA Digital melalui program #blubuatbaik dalam langkah menyelamatkan lingkungan. Semoga aksi gotong royong yang dilakukan antara nasabah BCA Digital, Karyawan BCA Digital serta dan Orangbaik lainnya diharapkan dapat membantu menyadarkan masyarakat akan pentingnya menjaga bumi kita melalui aksi kecil yang dapat dilakukan sehari-hari,” ungkap Marisa Thara Wardhani, Head of Brand Partnership Kitabisa.

Greeneration Foundation Ready for Action Through EcoRanger

This series of three-party collaborations also received full appreciation and support from the Executive Director of the Greeneration Foundation, Vanessa Letizia. “The collaborative action of BCA Digital, Kitabisa, Greeneration Foundation, and EcoRanger in the #blubuatbaik Campaign is an epic collaboration. This collaboration supports a series of developments for the EcoRanger program in Banyuwangi. In line with the Greeneration Foundation’s mission, #blubuatbaik will help our campaign for a sustainable lifestyle for a better earth,” Vanessa concluded.

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