Online Workshop “Waste Management Synergy in Tourism Destinations”

Greeneration Foundation remains consistent in realizing sustainable tourism in Indonesia. This commitment was demonstrated through a seminar initiated by the Banyuwangi EcoRanger Team on October 8th, 2020. This online seminar was broadcast live via zoom and YouTube and was attended by around 140 participants from 25 provinces in Indonesia. As the host of this event, the Banyuwangi EcoRanger Team invited 5 speakers from various parties involved in waste management in tourism destinations. They are Mrs. Susi Herawati (Head of Development for Environmental Generation Expose - Community Training Center and Environmental Generation Development - Ministry of Environment and Forestry), Mr. Dimas Teguh (Program Manager of EcoRanger Indonesia - Greeneration Foundation), Mr. Saka Dwi Hanggara (Waste Management Trainer - PT. Waste4Change), Mr. Candra Hermawan, M.Pd. (Head of Biology Education Study Program - University of 17 August 1945 Banyuwangi), and Mr. Edi Laksono (Deputy Chair of the Pulau Merah Tourism POKMAS). This event was also supported by JICA Indonesia.

This online seminar was held for about 3 hours and resulted in important points. First, the problem of solid waste is rooted in the willingness and awareness of each individual.  Behavioral changes in production and consumption that are more environmentally friendly should not only be done by consumers, but also producers in the production process. Second, actual and accurate solid waste data are needed to support proper waste management policy making. Third, sorting waste at the source greatly helps further processing (recycling). The development of processing technology also helps in reducing residual waste "disposed" to the TPA. Fourth, a tourism development master plan is needed by including long-term and short-term environmental management plans, including solid waste. Finally, the cooperation of various stakeholders (government, business actors, communities and tourists) to help each other achieve sustainable tourism. The Banyuwangi EcoRanger team also educates online seminar participants on single-use plastic reduction. These activities were carried out in their respective homes on 02-07 October 2020. The committee provided a video tutorial to guide participants in practicing the recycling activity. There are 3 options for recycling activities, namely recycling organic materials using biopores, recycling plastic materials with eco bricks, and recycling used paper. All participants communicated in the WhatsApp group to make coordination easier. PT. Bamboo Arum as a startup that produces environmentally friendly goods in Banyuwangi also supported the event by donating bamboo straw merchandise as an effort to educate the participants on single-use plastic reduction.

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