Rethinking Plastics: The Future of Indonesian Clean Oceans

Author: Aviaska Wienda Saraswati

Rethinking Plastics Project  

Jakarta, 30 June 2021- The real movement to improve waste management in Indonesia continues to be intensified by environmental activists to catch up in overcoming the impact of waste problems on the environment. The Rethinking Plastics: Circular Economy Solution to Marine Litter project is here to accelerate efforts to overcome waste problems through a circular economy system. The Rethinking Plastics project aims to accelerate the implementation of sustainable plastic consumption and production to tackle plastic waste in Indonesia’s oceans, in the East and Southeast Asia Region. The four pilot projects of this Project launched on June 30, 2021. 

          (Photo 1. Welcoming Speech by Pascal Renauld)

The Power of Collaboration 

The Rethinking Plastics project funded by the European Union and the German Government is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Of course, GIZ doesn’t move by themselves only. GIZ collaborates with various stakeholders, the Indonesian government, com

munity, and organizations. The collaboration step was chosen to quickly and massively expand the impact on the environment. Hopefully, collaboration can create a chance to support each other for real actions in managing Indonesian marine debris. In this project, GIZ will work together with the EcoRanger program from the Greeneration foundation, Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) Indonesia, Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) Indonesia, and Making Oceans Plastic Free (MOPF). 

EcoRanger Moves Together with Fishers 

Won’t lose the opportunity to contribute in providing actions for the Indonesian ocean, EcoRanger moves with fishermen in the Fishing For Litter project. This project will be held in April 2021-2022 in Dusun Pancer Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. Through Fishing For Litter, EcoRanger will empower and build the habits of local fishermen to manage marine debris from collecting to processing marine debris. The role of fishermen is very important because they are a group that faces and is directly affected by marine debris problems. 

        (Photo 2. Welcoming Speech by Henriette)

Government Welcomes Action for Indonesia’s Ocean 

The governments of the European Union and Indonesia support the project for the Indonesian ocean. In this launching event, they declared their support and hope for good results from the project Rethinking Plastics: Circular Economy Solution to Marine Litter. Henriette Faergemann, Counselor for Environment, Climate and ICT, Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia, in her remarks, expressed his appreciation to the four pilots, local governments, and various parties who will help succeed in this project. These four pilot projects will carry the great mission and hope of managing marine debris through a circular economy that can inspire various movements in other areas. Rofi Alhanif, Assistant Deputy for Waste and Waste Management, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment Indonesia hopes that the Rethinking Plastics project as a real action supported by global partners from the European Union and GIZ can make a cleaner and healthier Indonesia. 

         (Photo 3. Welcoming Speech by Rofi Alhanif)

With these pilot projects in each region in Indonesia, the local governments are very grateful to the four pilot project implementers, the European Union government, and GIZ for initiating the movement to keep Indonesian oceans clean. Those who expressed their gratitude were the Banyuwangi Regional Government (Hardiono), Central Java Regional Government (Fendiawan Tiskiantoro), Malang Regency Government (Renung Rubiyatadji), and West Lombok Regional Government (Muzapir). The launch of the Rethinking Plastics pilot project is a moment to initiate action to keep Indonesian oceans clean. The challenges that will be faced by the four project implementing institutions await. Together, everyone is working on a solution for Indonesia’s oceans. 

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