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Don't let SEKOLA stop and let trash continue to pile up and go unmanaged.

Greeneration Foundation develops EcoRanger team and SEKOLA (Waste Management Central) to support the sanitation and sustainability of Indonesian tourism destinations. The team consists of local inhabitants who concern about waste issues. The inhabitants are The Chief of Local Community, youth and Local Government. EcoRanger teams are responsible for managing waste in Sumber Agung Village. SEKOLA was established in 2019 and supported by the self-subsistent fund of Greeneration Foundation and PERHUTANIKPG of South Banyuwangi who provides land permits. Unfortunately, the infrastructure is inadequate. Therefore, there are many obstacles and limitations in performing waste management. To support SEKOLA sustainability, land measurement is required to avoid flood, electricity and water installations, the initial capital of organic waste processing and operational cost for residual waste. The impacts of poor waste management need more attention, therefore everyone can live better and healthily. Don’t let SEKOLA stop and let trash continue to pile up and unmanaged. #GoodPeople, let’s start a good habit by participating in our program to repair waste processing place for the sake of preserving the Indonesian environment by: 1. Click “DONATE NOW”; 2. Enter the donation amount; 3. Choose payment method (GO-PAY, Dompet Kebaikan, Transfer, Virtual Account, Credit Card); 4. Transfer according to the nominal if using Transfer & Virtual Account soon. 5. You may also contribute by sharing the link to this campaign to invite others to support this program.

Help Us resolve Indonesia's Solid Waste Crisis

Do you remember the second-worst waste tragedy in the world that buried three villages? This tragedy buried 71 houses and killed 141 people in Leuwigajah, Bandung on February 21st, 2005. Now, it’s been 15 years since Leuwigajah TPA (Final Waste Processing Site) exploded and landslides. Nevertheless, in reality, waste issues are still problematic in social, health and economic aspects. It threatens Indonesia’s resilience and defense today and even in the future. In 2020, the amount of waste pile increased to 67,8 tons and seemingly will increase along with population growth. Especially during the current pandemic, household waste is increasing compared to office waste. It adds a lot of homework to do. In running the organization, Greeneration Foundation brings up strategic issues that support the 12th goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). It comprises Waste Management, Sustainable Lifestyle, Clear production and efficient management in using natural resources and sustainable resource management. Therefore, by helping every effort we make through this donation, you are already part of #GenerasiHijau in realizing environmental improvement, embodying sustainable waste management, and creating a better today and future.

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