Banyuwangi Eco Ranger Capacity Building

Banyuwangi Eco Ranger Capacity Building Banyuwangi Eco Ranger Team & Dusun Pancer villagers Representatives received Capacity Building Training. The total amount of participants are 16 people from both delegations. This activity was held on April 4th-6th in 2019 at the Sumberagung Village Hall and Pulau Merah Beach Field, Banyuwangi. On the first two days, the participants focused on getting training from the experts presented. Started from "Knowing Themselves and Knowing EcoRanger Character" to motivate themselves as well as character building, team building through the visioning and joint problem solving, learned reporting applied public speaking and documentation. In the future, this training is expected to increase the capacity of the local Ranger Team in Banyuwangi to realize sustainable tourism.

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