The Importance of Sorting Waste at Source

Rangers, have you ever smelled a strong scent of garbage? This strong scent of garbage is caused by the decomposition of organic waste that is trapped in plastic or other inorganic waste; hence, the process of decomposition happens anaerobically and produces methane. If a large amount of methane is oxidized by oxygen, it can cause an explosion such as in TPA Leuwigajah on 21 February 2005. This explosion had killed 143 people and buried 71 houses

Furthermore, if we still mix our waste, inorganic waste that is supposed to be recycled will be difficult to be recycled because its quality has decreased due to water and oil contamination. As a result, inorganic waste often ends up in a landfill because it requires more budget if we want to recycle it.

Therefore, sorting waste at the source plays a significant role in improving the percentage of waste recycling and reducing the amount of waste that usually ends up in a landfill. If every individual gets used to sort their waste from their homes (even in only two categories: organic and inorganic), the process of waste management in TPS or TPST 3R will be easier to handle. Ideally, waste sorting can be done by categorizing waste into six categories: organic, glass, B3, paper and cardboard, plastic, and residual waste.

To support the Sorting Household Waste at Home Program launched by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia in 2019, EcoRanger educated the society to sort their waste at home by providing biopore in every house. Therefore, they can manage their organic waste from home.

Besides providing waste management facilities at the household level, EcoRanger also created Hexa Composter that is built permanently in Merah Island Beach, Banyuwangi. Hexa Composter is a communal organic waste facility built in a tourism destination as an educational platform for visitors and business owners.

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